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The way to bring every corner of the Internet into sharp focus.

who we are

Who We Are

WE ARE INDEXER – a group of specialists, researchers and software engineers who have a passion for solving complex NLP problems. Our main task? To extract relevant, meaningful information from news articles in real-time. Since customers rely on this information to make swift financial decisions, we need to guarantee precision, accuracy and latency beyond most academic and industry demands.

Our Mission

To design a analytical platform that monitors millions of news sources simultaneously, searches speech patterns with precision and accurately translating languages to dig deeper into the core of the Internet, mining out every facet of information, even from unstructured data. Indexer discovers more text, with more efficiency, than has ever been possible before, finding unique content that was previously hidden. But now, with Vector, it’s yours for the taking.

our mission
our vision

Our Vision

Professionals are hungry for a more powerful way to hone their data. To grasp a competitive edge over those still using traditional search engines. Vector is up to the challenges of top-level traders and market strategists, using real time quantitative research and potent algorithms to hone the constant flood of online data into one distilled stream. We translate the entire Internet into zeros and ones and present every piece of vital intel that you need not just as a list, but an insightful experience.