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sentiment analysis
December 14, 2016

How Sentiment Analysis Can Help You Make Better Trading Decisions

Are you a stock market analyst or trader? Read on. What are the fundamental rules of successful trading? According to Investopedia, you must use technology to your advantage, build a fact-based strategy, and bear in mind the big picture... read more

December 8, 2016

Why Data Visualization Tools Can Be a Game Changer to Analyze Social Media

Welcome to the world of business analysts. Through their eyes, you can see data everywhere – and you want the whole business environment in sharp focus... read more

why data visualization
how artificial intelligence
December 6, 2016

How Artificial Intelligence Software Brings Science to the Art of Venture Capital

Heads up venture capitalists! Are you looking for new ways to balance intuition with hard facts before committing investors’ money? Good news. Artificial intelligence software can provide you with quantifiable feedback to improve your startup investment strategy... read more